In rural Dordogne, with one of the lowest crime rates in France, it is all too easy to forget the modern world and for some even to imagine they are in the English countryside in the 1950’s.  All that was shattered by the terrorist attacks in Paris on the offices of Charlie Hebdo , ie Charlie Weekly, a French satirical magazine published on wednesdays. The magazine was the target of a terrorist attack in 2011 but continued to publish.  A further attack on 7th January 2015 left 12 dead and France mobilised as never before as armed units searched for the perpetrators of the attacks.

Shock waves were felt all over France as the repercussions of this attack on the fundamental right of freedom of speech were felt.  The phrase ‘je suis Charlie’ was born to indicate support for the bravery of those who continued to excercice their right to speak freely in the face of threat to their lives.  In Montpon Menesterol and across the rest of France a minutes silence was held in memory of those who had died.


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