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Although we are now in a second confinement until the second of December, subject to any changes made before then, visits to residential property by individuals are not among the list of authorised reasons to leave home.

Don’t worry. Just because you’re stuck at home that doesn’t mean you can’t find your dream home. We are available for virtual property viewings. Just imagine finding your perfect property from the comfort of your own home!

Never heard of a Virtual house viewing? Well lucky for you we are here to explain it all to you!

A Virtual house viewing is when a person with interest in purchasing or investing in property is having a virtual walk through (viewing) with our help. We showcase the property via digital services such as Zoom, Skype, Face-time, or one of the other software platforms.

Or think about it this way:

Imagine walking into a beautifully appointed building for the first time, whether it’s a residential or commercial property. You begin exploring its interior, admiring the gorgeous rooms, furnishings, and checking out the Wow features.

Now imagine the same experience just by clicking and scrolling on your PC or smartphone! That’s what we call a Virtual Viewing!

During the time of the coronavirus pandemic the Virtual house viewing has become another way we can continue to work and sell property. It’s an excellent way to first view your possible future home while still keeping yourself and others around you safe.

It wasn't so long ago when the only way to tour a house was to visit in person. But today, with the advancement in technology, you have the option of a virtual tour. Just schedule a tour as you would normally schedule an appointment. We will show you around the house via a live video stream.

A virtual property viewing may never replace an actual visit but it can serve several purposes:

Firstly, it can helpful in deciding whether the property is suitable for a visit in person, thereby serving as a complementary measure to traditional marketing.

Secondly, it can save time, for the buyer in reducing visits to unsuitable properties.

A virtual property viewing makes sense for seller:

Firstly, it saves time. (To create a virtual tour, the property only needs to be scanned, photographed or have a video taken once in advance by the real estate agent.)

Secondly, it increases the potential target group (The virtual property viewing is available online at any time and from anywhere so the number of viewings will be higher than for conventional visits.)

Thirdly, it is safer, ( It is understandable that owners who wish to sell at the current time want as few on-site visitors as possible.)

guest blog by Chelsea

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